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1/15/2018 Update

Even though I haven't added anything to the site, doesn't mean the deals stopped...

Here are the latest additions to my collection:

Ray Ogden - 1971 - This is a rare one year style that omitts the stripes on the sleeves.  

Allen Ellis - 1973 to 75 - This jersey was most likely issued to Ron Smith and later worn by Allen Ellis (both No. 48), as it appears there is a nameplate change on the back.  Very nice aold school Bears long sleeve jersey.

Jeff Jaeger - 1997 - One of only 6 players to wear the #1 jersey!  Jeff also is the last player to wear this number in 1997.

Devin Hester - 2012 - One of two jerseys from that season in privagte hands to still retain its HoF patch.  The other is a Jay Cutler jersey.

Martellus Bennett - 2013 - This jersey is from the first year Martellus played in Chicago.  Martellus kept all 16 jerseys from that season and then sold them to a dealer in NY.  All feature simmilar writing on the numbers.

Jay Cutler - 2015 - This is the 3rd Cutty that I've owned and is the best one by far!  It features the gold Captain patch and excellent game wear.  It has been photomatched.

Prince Amukamara - 2017 - 2017 saw slight changes to the Nike game jerseys.  The shield as well as some other featurews have been modified since the original 2012 jerseys were released.

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